Martin has been an Actor for 29 years, in that time he has played a variety of roles on TV, Film and Stage including regular parts in Coronation Street / Soldier Soldier / Family Affairs / Bramwell / and The Bill.

More recently he has played  guest television appearances in Waking the Dead/ My Family / The Katherine Tate Show / Class of 76 / Holby City / The Gill Mayo Murders / Hotel Babylon / Max And Paddies Road To Nowhere / Rose And Maloney /The Grid / Grass and Midsomer Murders.

Martin’s film career continues with his most recent leading role as Micky in the feature film SINK, Directed and written by Mark Gillis, Mike in the Bafta nominated film 'Rite' Directed by Michael Pearce and 'Stormbreaker' playing Jeff Slater. He also appeared as Slim Biggins, a tough New York gangster, in Guy Ritchie’s film Revolver.

His stage work continues with him revisiting a character he played 15 years earlier, as One Round in The Ladykillers, this time at Pitlochry Festival Theatre in the Highlands. Other works include Anthony and Cleopatra in which he plays the character Lepidus with Kim Catrrall (Chichester Festival Theatre) directed by Janet Suzman. Also the previous run of the same play in Liverpool at the Playhouse.‘The Ladykillers’ with Tim Brooke Taylor, Brian Murphy and Dulcie Gray, Martin played ‘One Round’ the character portrayed in the film by Danny Green. He has also a season at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, as Charles in As You Like It, and at the Tokyo Globe Theatre in Japan as William and Charles (also in As You Like It). Martin played Bottom in A Midsummer Nights dream at Nottingham Playhouse. And a Mafia Boss called ‘Sing Song’ in ‘Car Thieves’ at Birmingham Rep.

This is a huge transition from the tough world of Profesional Heavyweight Boxing and Rugby League.

As an Amateur Martin was a Champion Heavyweight Fighter being the Champion of London in 1979, and holding other titles before that. In 1980 Martin was brought into the Olympic Squad to go to Moscow. But in 1980 there were other things that took Martin’s attention, in this year he signed a Professional contract with the newly formed Fulham Rugby League Club, and within his first seven games as a Professional, was drafted into the full Wales Squad to play England. After this he had another six years in Pro Rugby playing many more time’s for Wales.

After injury forced Martin out of the game he returned to his schoolboy love, acting. He went to Drama School as a mature student, found an Agent and has been working ever since.

Martin is a man of many talents and in addition to acting and sport he is a guitarist and singer, and played for 13 years in a Blues band ( The Bluesniffers) and does a brilliant tribute to Johnny Cash - truly capturing the essence of the man. He has a singing voice that penetrates the heart. 

He also had a 3 year stint in stand up comedy and has a fine repetoire of appauling jokes. 

As if that isn't enough variety, Martin also works as a healer. 

Martin is a real family man. He has four sons and a daughter Martin Jnr, Luke, Jacob, Joshua and Victoria. Joshua has followed in his Dad’s footsteps and is also an Actor. Josh has Played a regular character (Gregory Goyle) in all of the Harry Potter films. Joshua is establishing himself as a fine British actor.

Martin is wonderful with children and animals which is just as well because he has 11 grandchildren who he loves to be with. He lives with his Partner Helen in Berkshire.