Spotlight Actors 2006/2007
Page 2575

Location: London Eye/Colour: Blue/Grey
Height: 6'3" (190cm) Hair/Colour: brown/grey
Weight: 18st. (114kg) Facial/Hair: Beard
Playing/Age: 50-60 years Voice/Quality: Deep
Unions: Equity Voice/Character: Relaxed
Role Types: Eastern European,



  2012, Television, Terry Monaghan, HOLBY CITY, BBC, Nigel Douglass.

  2010, Television, Terry Reid, WAKING THE DEAD, BBC, Edward Bennett.

  2008, Television, DCI Hudson, ABOVE SUSPICION, La plante productions, ITV, (Two Epps) Chris Menaul.

  2008, Television, Rex, PARENTS OF THE BAND, BBC, Dominic Brigstoke.

  2008, Television, Robin Murray, THE BILL, Thames Television, (Two Epps) Nigel Douglass.

| 2007, Television, Carl, MY FAMILY, B.B.C, Baz Taylor

| 2006, Television, The Mechanic, CATHERINE TATE SHOW, B.B.C, Gordon Anderso

| 2006, Television, Roy Clark, THE BILL, Thames Television, Rob Knights

| 2005, Television, Gerald Chinn, THE GILL MAYO MURDERS, BBC Television, Fraser MacDonald

| 2005, Television, Detective Seargent Begby, HOTEL BABYLON, BBC Television, Kieth Boak

| 2005, Television, Gerry Cassidy, HOLBY CITY, BBC Television, Steve Kelly

| 2005, Television, the caretaker, CLASS OF 76, I T V

| 2004, Television, Stefan, BIG DIPPERS, Red, Ciaran Donnelly

| 2004, Television, Prison Guard, MAX & PADDY, Granada Television, Peter Kay

| 2004, Television, Carson, ROSE & MALLONEY, ITV, Roger Gartland

| 2004, Television, Seargent Stone, THE GRIDD

| 2003, Television, D.I. Liecester, GRASS, BBC Television, Martin Donnis

| 2003, Television, Jed Fox, MIDSOMER MURDERS, ITV, Sarah Hellings

| 2003, Television, Powell, MURDER IN MIND, BBC Television, Adrian Beam

| 2003, Television, Jim Conrad, THE BILL, Thames / Pearson Television, (Two Epps) Di Patrick.

| 2003, Television, Jim Conrad, THE BILL, Talkback Thames, (Three Epps) Di Patrick.

| 2002, Television, PC Claude Cox, HIGH HOPES -SERIES 2, BBC Wales, Gareth Gwenlan

| 2001, Television, Terry Jones, DOCTORS, BBC Television, John Greening

| 2001, Television, Macmillan, THE BILL, Thames Television, Ken Macmillan

| 1998, Television, Trevor, BIG CAT, BBC Television, Richard Spence

| 1998, Television, Albe Leach ( semi regular ), FAMILY AFFAIRS, Channel 5, Henry Foster / Phillip Wood

| 1998, Television, Billy Davidson, WYCLIFFE, HTV, Jack Shephard

| 1997, Television, Bill, BERKELEY SQUARE, BBC Television, Richard spence

| 1997, Television, PC Davies, BRAMWELL ( SERIES III ), Carlton Television, Paul Merton

| 1997, Television, Ron Harris, CORONATION STREET, Granada Television, Noreen Kershaw

| 1997, Television, Barry, HAVE YOUR CAKE, BBC Television, Paul Seed

| 1997, Television, Simon Gibney, MCLIABLE, Channel 4 Television, James Cellan Jones

| 1997, Television, P.O. Fowler, TRIAL & RETRIBUTION, La Plante Productions, Aisling Walsh

| 1996, Television, Allan, DROP THE DEAD DONKEY, BBC Television, Liddy Oldroyd

| 1996, Television, Ed Smith, EASTENDERS, BBC Television, Phillip Casson

| 1996, Television, Barry, SILENT WITNESS, BBC Television, Julian Jarrold

| 1996, Television, Damon O'Keefe, THE GOVENOR, La Plante Productions, Alan Dossor

| 1996, Television, Tatooist, THE KNOCK, London Weekend Television, Gerry Poulson

| 1995, Television, D.I. Toller, BODYGUARDS, I.T.V, Mary McMurray

| 1995, Television, Det. Sgt. Jardene, OPEN FIRE, London Weekend Television, Paul Greengrass

| 1995, Television, Sgt. Stan Cole, SOLDIER SOLDIER ( REGULAR ), Central Television, Michael Brayshaw

| 1994, Television, Phill, DEMOB, ITV, Rob Knights

| 1994, Television, Billy, LONDON'S BURNING, London Weekend Television, John Reardon

| 1993, Television, Fenton, FOOL'S GOLD, I.T.V, Terry Windsor


  2015, Feature Film, Gendarme Rigaumon, LOVING VINCENT, Trade Mark Films, Dorota Kobiela.

  2013, Feature Film, Micky, (Lead Role) SINK, BBD Productions, Mark Gillis.

  2011, Feature Film, Mick, (Lead Role) RITE, (Bafta Nominated) Digicult Productions, Michael Pearce.

| 2005, Feature Film, jeff slater, STORMBREAKER, jeff sax

| 2004, Feature Film, Slim Biggins, REVOLVER, Guy Ritchie

| 2001, Feature Film, John Swinfield, THE GREAT DOME ROBBERY, Gabriel Range

| 2000, Feature Film, Welsh Drunk, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Outworld Productions, PJ Hogan

| 1995, Feature Film, Centurian, FIRST KNIGHT, Columbia, Jerry zucker

| 1994, Feature Film, big jim, SAVAGE HEARTS, savage hearts productions, Mark Ezra


  2014, Stage, One Round, THE LADYKILLERS, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Richard Barron. 

  2012, Stage, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA, Chichester Theatre, Janet Suzman.

  2010, Stage, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA, Liverpool Playhouse, Janet Suzman

| 2004, Stage, Sing Song, CAR THIEVES, Birmingham rep, Paul Jepson

| 2000, Stage, Bottom, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Nottingham Playhouse, Richard Barron

| 2000, Stage, Matey Butler, DEAR BRUTUS, Nottingham playhouse, Richard Barron

| 1999, Stage, One Round, THE LADYKILLERS, National (No-1) Tour, Richard Barron

| 1998, Stage, Mr Constable, A MAD WORLD MY MASTERS, The Globe, Sue Lefton

| 1998, Stage, Charles/William, AS YOU LIKE IT, Shakespeares Globe Theatre, Lucy Bailey

| 1998, Stage, Charles/William, AS YOU LIKE IT, The Globe ( Tokyo ), Lucy Bailey

| 1998, Stage, James Burbage, MERRY CHRISTMASS MR BURBAGE, Curtain Theatre, John Mc ennery


| 2003, Radio, Des, DIY, Radio Wales, Gareth Gwenlan


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native) American Southern States, Australian, Cheshire*, Cockney, London*, New York, Northern Irish, West Wales

(* = mother tongue) English*

Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled) Bass-Baritone, Blues*, Contemporary Dance*, Drums, Guitar*, Rock Singing*
Performance: Comedy, Professional Musician, Professional Singer, Voice Over

(* = highly skilled) American Football*, Athletics*, Boxing*, Climbing*, Cricket*, Golf*, Horse-riding*, Karate*, Rugby*, ScubaDiving*, Stage Combat*

Vehicle Licences: Car

Other Skills: Improvisation